Saturday 13 November 2010

Movie Review: Morning Glory (2010)

Morning Glory is an adequately entertaining but relatively shallow comedy set in the ruthless world of broadcast television.

Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams), a young, enthusiastic television producer, is hired by network executive Jerry Barnes (Jeff Goldblum) to revive Daybreak, a desperately under-performing morning show. Becky brings in veteran newscaster Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford) to co-host the show with resident anchor Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton). The grizzled Pomeroy looks down on any and all segments not related to hard news; Becky needs him to buy into the morning show's varied format to rescue the program.

Director Roger Michell's previous credits include the human-centred Changing Lanes (2002) and Notting Hill (1999), and here he again maintains focus on the characters, although despite the efforts of a good cast, none of the key roles reveal too much nuance. Once the personalities are revealed in broad brushes, they dry quickly. The Aline Brosh McKenna script enjoys some funny moments mostly at the expense of the resident weatherman, but generally lacks the sharpness and wit of her work on the juicier The Devil Wears Prada (2006).

McAdams almost overplays the perky, hyperactive, and passionate Becky, whose only future, at this pace, appears to be marrying her work and eating non-stop take-out Chinese dinners. Ford enjoys himself as the dour Mike Pomeroy, a man living off the legend of a formerly distinguished career. Diane Keaton and Jeff Goldblum add good depth to the cast. Patrick Wilson, as Becky's love interest Adam Bennett is bland to the point of transparency.

Morning Glory does not warrant waking up early; but it is engaging enough not to demand that the channel be changed.

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