Saturday 2 January 2010

Movie Review: My Best Friend's Girl (2008)

My Best Friend's Girl stinks like a pair of sweaty unwashed socks that have been forgotten for a week in the corner of the room.

Characters that are both unlikable and unrealistic. Events that are contrived and unbelievable. And a romance that is unlikely and underwhelming in its emotional impact.

It's all directed in ham-handed style by Howard Deutch, whose last good film was likely 1987's Some Kind of Wonderful.

Tank (Dane Cook) runs a one-man business of sorts where he specializes in taking women out on dates of the most horrible kind, so that they go running back to their previous, just-dumped boyfriends.

Tank shares his apartment with Dustin (Jason Biggs), who is madly in love with Alexis (Kate Hudson); but she's not interested. Dustin asks Tank to take out Alexis for a horror date, but to no one's surprise, Alexis actually falls for Tank, setting up that most fresh of movie premises: two guys after the same girl.

Now here's the thing -- does anyone care about a girl who is foolish enough to fall for a jerk like Tank?

Worse still, when Tank's personality turns on a dime and he starts behaving like a nice enough guy, does anyone believe the transformation?

The answers are no and no, and when the two characters at the core of the movie are both incredibly stupid and unbelievable, the movie is hopelessly beyond salvation

My Best Friend's Girl offers up some raunchy attempts at comedy, but it's much more rude than funny, and the whole film collapses in a heap of misdirected ambition, lack of chemistry, and limited talent.

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