Saturday 20 January 2024

Movie Review: The Proposal (2009)

Genre: Romantic Comedy  
Director: Anne Fletcher  
Starring: Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Craig T. Nelson, Mary Steenburgen, Betty White, Malin Akerman  
Running Time: 108 minutes  

Synopsis: Margaret (Sandra Bullock) is a high-powered no-nonsense executive at a New York publishing house. Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) is her hard-working assistant with ambitions to become an editor. When Margaret realizes she may be deported back to Canada for a work visa infraction, she pressures Andrew into a marriage agreement. They travel to Alaska to meet his family, including his parents (Mary Steenburgen and Craig T. Nelson) and grandma (Betty White), but Margaret finds more than she bargained for.

What Works Well: The first introductory act sparkles with energy and humour. Sandra Bullock thrives as a highly-strung and cold-as-ice leader, and the office environment around her is coloured-in for maximum laughs. Ryan Reynolds is at his quietly sardonic best managing his boss, and the interplay between them is razor sharp. Director Anne Fletcher finds a peak when Margaret drops the marriage idea on Andrew, his priceless reactions matching her frazzled audacity.

What Does Not Work As Well: The rest of the film is set in Alaska, and loses the early zest. Some joys can be found in Margaret's fish-out-of-water experiences, and an exceptionally strong supporting cast brings to life Andrew's family and friends (with Betty White a treasure, if slightly overplayed), but predictable beats start to dominate and the zing is lost.

Conclusion: Thrives in the city, idles in the country.

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