Friday 6 October 2023

Movie Review: About Fate (2022)

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Director: Maryus Vaysberg
Starring: Emma Roberts, Thomas Mann
Running Time: 100 minutes

Synopsis: Singles Margot (Emma Roberts) and Griffin (Thomas Mann) live close to each other but are otherwise strangers. With New Year's Eve approaching, Margot is crushed when her boyfriend Kip (Lewis Tan) breaks up with her instead of proposing. Griffin is equally disappointed when his girlfriend Clementine (Madelaine Petsch), an influencer, is only interested in monetizing his marriage proposal. Margot and Griffin accidentally meet, and a romance sparks when they jointly attend the wedding of Margot's sister Carrie (Britt Robertson).

What Works Well: Emma Roberts (as a perpetually disorganized real estate agent) and Thomas Mann (as a goofy lawyer) create an appealing couple with endearing chemistry. Writer Tiffany Paulson and director Maryus Vaysberg approach the remake of a Soviet-era tele-film with breezy detachment, allowing off-kilter situations (Griffin accidentally naked in Margot's bed; a fight at a wedding) to generate good chuckles. The production values are on the sparkly side of artificial.

What Does Not Work As Well: The story elements barely rise above the standard of a Hallmark channel machine-fabricated movie. Nothing comes close to resembling realism, with all situations and character actions and reactions contrived to serve the script. The couple's final complication on the pathway to happiness is especially poorly handled. 

Conclusion: Overcomes genre conventions with amiable charm.

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