Sunday 10 September 2023

Movie Review: Missing (2023)

Genre: Screenlife Thriller
Directors: Will Merrick and Nick Johnson
Starring: Storm Reid, Nia Long, Amy Landecker
Running Time: 111 minutes

Synopsis: In Los Angeles, 18-year-old June (Storm Reid) has had a fractured relationship with her over-protective mother Grace (Nia Long) ever since her father died from cancer. When Grace and her new boyfriend Kevin (Ken Leung) fail to return from a vacation in Colombia, June suspects her mother has been abducted. She reports the case to the US Embassy's Agent Park, and seeks help from Grace's friend and attorney Heather (Amy Landecker) and local Colombia gig worker Javier. Once she hacks into the on-line profiles of the missing couple, June starts to uncover surprising personal histories and sinister intentions.

What Works Well: This clever anthology sequel to 2018's Searching uses the same everything-through-a-screen format to unveil a fast-moving story of deceit layered upon family secrets. New revelations arrive in rapid cascades, suspicions spread like a computer virus, and for every explanation there is an equal and opposite rebuttal. Storm Reid navigates the avalanche of windows, tabs, apps, cameras, and websites with aplomb, and a thread of biting humour weaves through the organized clutter.

What Does Not Work As Well: Once the mystery launches, the pacing spikes to a frenzied level and never lets up. Every twist is rapidly chased by a turn, eventually inducing narrative dizziness. 

Conclusion: High resolution, technology-enabled mayhem.

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