Saturday 29 April 2023

Movie Review: The Story Of Us (1999)

Genre: Romantic Dramedy
Director: Rob Reiner
Starring: Bruce Willis, Michelle Pfeiffer
Running Time: 95 minutes

Synopsis: Ben and Katie Jordan (Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer) are caught in a disintegrating marriage. He resents her for no longer being spontaneous, while she is angry at him for being self-centered and not appreciating all she does for their family. They keep up appearances for the sake of their two teenaged kids as flashbacks reveal their history together. With the children now about to return from summer camp, Ben and Katie have to decide on their future.

What Works Well: It's not easy to find the soul of a romantic comedy within the carnage of a failing relationship, but director Rob Reiner finds the right balance between poignancy and humour. The script (by Alan Zweibel and Jessie Nelson) does not sugarcoat the pain suffered by two caring adults, Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer bringing winning personas into the complexities of a union buckling under diverging personal evolution. A rich supporting cast features Reiner himself, plus Rita Wilson, Tim Matheson, Julie Hagerty, Red Buttons and Betty White.

What Does Not Work As Well: This is not a universe where job demands ever seem to play a serious role in the couple's life. Some of the emotional displays are repetitive, and the resolution, while effective, is hurried. 

Conclusion: The rigours of couplehood reflected in tears and smiles.

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