Monday 8 February 2010

Movie Review: I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell (2009)

And so Tucker Max becomes one of the early internet age faux-celebrities with a great career behind him.

His book of the same name, was very funny in the most juvenile way, and turned him into a hero in the drunken eyes of losers everywhere, and created a legend in his own mind. It takes a special lack of cinematic talent to take such a funny series of adventures and turn them into a stultifyingly boring movie, but the cast and crew assembled here pull it off.

While the book offers a non-stop sequence of genuinely funny short stories from Tucker's life, the movie manages to provide just one partially memorable scene, that being the now infamous race through the hotel lobby in a panicked search for a bathroom.

The rest of this disaster is a bland, humourless non-story about Tucker ruining his friend's bachelor party by dragging him to a supposedly hot strip joint. That's it. No, really.

It ends, not soon enough, with a smarmy apology scene that fools no one.

Director Bob Gosse displays a set of skills appropriate for a daytime soap-opera episode, while a set of mostly unknown actors, including Matt Czuchry and Jesse Bradford, work hard to make sure that they remain largely unknown.

The movie flamed out at the box office before the first batch of popcorn even popped. Tucker Max blamed its failure on poor marketing. Trust me on this one, no amount of marketing would have saved this piece of garbage -- it smells just as bad as that hotel lobby.

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