Saturday 2 January 2010

Movie Review: Reverse Angle (2009)

Made-for-TV movies get a lot of leeway to be awful -- but not this awful.

It's almost as if Reverse Angle is desperately trying to cram in as many lame cliches as is possible in two hours: the sassy, ambitious and attractive news reporter; the boss who is holding her back; the cameraman who longs for her attention; the meninblack assassins driving a black SUV; the car chase scene on a lonely rural road with our heroine forced off the road; the unlikely romance between two foes; the big corporate conspiracy to eliminate a new alternative source of energy; and the sudden appearance of many police officers and squad cars -- out of nowhere -- at the critical moment in the climactic scene.

And worse of all, one of the lamest tricks in the big book of bad movies -- the convenient memory loss that underpins the whole plot, with the many sudden "oh I remember now!" moments that are conveniently unbottled to hustle the action along.

I searched for a single, solitary original idea, but could not find one.

With Emmanuelle Vaugier as the reporter and Anthony Lemke as a fake motivational speaker who becomes the stiff romantic interest, Reverse Angle isn't bursting with talent. But while Canadian Vaugier (CSI:NY) may not be the world's best actress, even she deserves better than this. Perhaps, to start with, she needs a better agent.

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