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CD Review: Fighting, by Thin Lizzy (1975)

The album best known as the album before 1976's Jailbreak, Fighting finds Irish rockers Thin Lizzy finally beginning to settle into an identity.

With guitarists Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson latching on to the sharp possibilities that exist in trading riffs, the album has a distinctive bluesy rock sound with funk variations and occasional sojourns into the nascent metal world. The music is overall tuneful, non-threatening and accessible, while carrying just that bit of an edge.

Phil Lynott's distinctively clear vocals are as always front and centre as the most prominent element, but the band are at their most metallic when Gorham and Robertson step up with no fear. Suicide closes with more than two minutes of instrumental alloy heaven, Thin Lizzy drawing the rough template for the epic guitar harmonies and duels that Iron Maiden would grab onto and run with about five years later. Album closer Ballad Of A Hard Man also features a bluesy metal heart consisting of two throbbing guitars, although the track is rather truncated in length

Fighting My Way Back is the best of the rest, featuring a wah-wah embellished intro that gives way to a muscular melody. The other tracks are a mix of soft rock and radio friendly fare, distant cousins to the metal spirit growling within the band, waiting to break out of jail.


Brian Downey - Drums
Scott Gorham - Guitar
Philip Lynott - Vocals, Bass
Brian Robertson - Guitar

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Rosalie - 7
2. For Those Who Love To Live - 7
3. Suicide - 10
4. Wild One - 7
5. Fighting My Way Back - 8
6. King's Revenge - 7
7. Spirit Slips Away - 7
8. Silver Dollar - 6
9. Freedom Song - 7
10. Ballad Of A Hard Man - 9

Average: 7.50

Produced by Phil Lynott.
Recorded and Mixed by Keith Harwood.

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