Tuesday, 26 August 2014

CD Review: Time 1, by Wintersun (2012)

A full six years in the making, Time 1 unfortunately crosses the threshold from ambitious to pompous.

What proved to be just the first part of Jari Mäenpää's vanity project under the Wintersun banner features just the five meaningful songs but a length of about 40 minutes. Despite the numerous overlayed recording tracks and infinite computer processing power, the outcome is a lumpy porridge of epic folk progressive metal, often prolonged into endless orchestral meandering, singularly lacking in focus and intensity.

Mäenpää's own Ensiferum managed the same heroic sound with more punch if less polish, and bands extending all the way back to Manowar have dabbled with the same themes, all in a more compact and thoroughly more digestible form.

Mäenpää adopts the longer is better philosophy, and while there are segments that sometimes work well, notably on Sons Of Winter And Stars, most of the material just buckles under the weight of a production that demands every note to be epic. When everything aims to be grand, then nothing stands out, and it all just goes on, riding its own rudderless momentum into the land of no one cares.


Jari Mäenpää − Vocals, Guitar
Teemu Mäntysaari − Guitar
Jukka Koskinen − Bass
Kai Hahto − Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. When Time Fades Away - 7
2. Sons Of Winter And Stars - 7
3. Land Of Snow And Sorrow - 6
4. Darkness And Frost - 7
5. Time - 7

Average: 6.80

Produced and Mixed by Jari Mäenpää.
Mastered by Jari Mäenpää and Miika Jussila.

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