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CD Review: Before The Bleeding Sun, by Eternal Tears Of Sorrow (2006)

The fifth album from Finland's Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Before The Bleeding Sun stumbles into mostly bland territory where innovation is sparse, execution is apathetic and the sound is defanged.

The band's symphonic melodic death metal elements are all there, but they are also all washed out like a sepia-toned picture left out for too long in the sun. The keyboards are prominent without being inspired, the vocals often mixed so far back as to be irrelevant, and the guitar work is plain routine. There are attempts at heroic themes, but there is precious little complexity or development to build on the simplistic main themes.

Red Dawn Rising, despite some disinterested vocals, is the most punchy track, finding a sharp edge of energy that is noticeably on the rest of the album. More representative is Sakura No Rei followed by Sinister Rain, together forming about eight long minutes of limp repetitiveness that tries hard but can't break out of an insipid circle.

Offering little that is original and plenty that is ponderous, Before The Bleeding Sun is a disappointingly singed effort.


Altti Veteläinen - Vocals, Bass
Jarmo Puolakanaho - Guitar
Petri Sankala - Drums
Janne Tolsa - Keyboards
Risto Ruuth - Guitar

Clean vocals by Jarmo Kylmänen

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Sweet Lilith Of My Dreams - 7
2. Another Me  - 7
3. Red Dawn Rising - 9
4. Upon The Moors - 7
5. Sakura No Rei - 6
6. Sinister Rain - 6
7. Lost Rune Of Thunder - 7
8. Tar Still Flows - 7
9. Angelheart, Ravenheart (Act 1: Before The Bleeding Sun) - 7

Average: 7.00

Produced by Eternal Tears Of Sorrow.
Engineered by Ahti Kortelainen and Janne Tolsa.
Mixed by Mikko Karmila. Mastered by Minerva Pappi.

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