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CD Review: Chaos Of Forms, by Revocation (2011)

On Chaos Of Forms, Boston's Revocation unleash a sophisticated aural assault, technical death metal shaded with jazz elements and delivered with an abject refusal to conform to anything resembling the ordinary. The ideas aren't always stitched together with the necessary strength, but on several occasions the album touches magnificent levels of artistry.

The tracks all feature a push to innovate, with complex structures and often terrific solos courtesy of David Davidson. The occasional jazz-inspired instrumental interludes drop in for a visit, elbowing their way into the most prominent sofa in the house, before yielding again to technical metallic wizardry.

The band displays a remarkable ability to stop on a dime only to restart a split second later, an energy control and dissipation tactic often detonated for pure metallic pleasure.

The end result rides the tide of relevant success achieved in bonding artistry with melody. On three occasions, Chaos Of Forms just soars. Dissolution Ritual boasts a divine marriage between straight ahead ultra-aggression and a mesmeric jazz ethos, peaking with an instrumental segment at the 2:00 mark that layers in an almost romantic, European soundtrack quality. No Funeral is simply one of the best pieces of controlled manic metal music ever to grace an album, with a majestic guitar riff that melds into a spectacular minute of guitar duelling. Dethroned gallops headlong towards more traditional territory only to veer sharply into technical land before settling into an incessant bludgeoning strategy backed by frenzied riffing. Dethroned ends with an instrumental passage that builds towards an epic stand where only the guitars stay alive among dead soldiers.

The other tracks often feature terrific moments, but also often suffer from a certain amount of fragmentation. And on Harlot and Reprogrammed, the willing energy overwhelms the quality of the material.

But overall, on Chaos Of Forms Revocation embrace their unmistakable talent with plenty of courage. The chaos is structured, and the forms blossom in breathtaking bursts.


David Davidson - Guitar, Vocals
Dan Gargiulo - Guitar
Anthony Buda - Bass, Vocals
Phil Dubois-Coyne - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Cretin - 7
2. Cradle Robber - 7
3. Harlot - 6
4. Dissolution Ritual - 10
5. Conjuring The Cataclysm - 7
6. No Funeral - 10
7. Fractal Entity - n/a (short instrumental)
8. Chaos Of Forms - 7
9. The Watchers - 7
10. Beloved Horrifier - 7
11. Dethroned - 10
12. Reprogrammed - 6

Average: 7.64

Produced by Pete Rutcho and Revocation.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Pete Rutcho.

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