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CD Review: Scream Bloody Gore, by Death (1987)

Death metal's godfather Chuck Schuldiner teams up with drummer Chris Reifert and records his first album. Scream Bloody Gore is more influential than good, Death taking the thrash sound of the mid-1980s and dropping it into a dark crypt, emerging with something denser, more primitive and altogether more dangerous.

The album was put together in a matter of days, and the mix is a primitive mess, adding to the sense of creative exploration. Schuldiner's vocals are an echo of torture going on in a back room, while his bass and guitars compete for space at the front. Reifert's drumming consists of the most basic and repetitive thumpathumpathumpathumpa accompaniment to Schuldiner's one-man mayhem machine.

Most of the tracks offer a decent mix of tempos and variety, but all within a horror-movie inspired ethos where the primary objective is excessive headbanging insanity.

From here most of death metal would blunder into a black hole of uninspired overkill until melody was reintroduced to right the ship. Scream Bloody Gore can be admired for starting something new, but not everything new is necessarily good.


Chuck Schuldiner - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Chris Reifert - Drums

Note: Guitarist John Hand's photo was included in the album art but he had no part in the recording.

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Infernal Death - 7
2. Zombie Ritual - 7
3. Denial Of Life - 7
4. Sacrificial - 7
5. Mutilation - 6
6. Regurgitated Guts - 7
7. Baptized In Blood - 7
8. Torn To Pieces - 7
9. Evil Dead - 7
10. Scream Bloody Gore - 7

Average: 6.90

Produced by Randy Burns.

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