Thursday, 13 February 2014

CD Review: Bomber, by Motorhead (1979)

Motorhead's third studio release, Bomber explodes with pure bombast, the trio of Lemmy Kilmister Eddie Clarke and Phil Taylor creating enough frantic noise to rival a wayward 64-piece symphony orchestra.

The band's classic line-up shines on a succession of angry, loud and proud metal tracks built on a bedrock of raucous rock'n'roll. Most of the tracks have a ridiculously unsustainable pace, and despite shortish typical lengths of under 4 minutes, many of the songs disintegrate into joyful chaos well before the end. Eddie Clarke's guitar shredding is outstanding, while Lemmy and Taylor provide a rhythm foundation made of granite.

Dead Men Tell No Tales and Stone Dead Forever are part of the all-time classic Motorhead catalogue. Both feature infectious riffs and massive Clarke solos, his free range showboating at the end of Stone Dead Forever a standout moment in metal's history. All The Aces runs riot from the start line to the fade-out, while Step Down drops the speed by half, introduces Clarke on vocals and a bluesy vibe embellished by some of the finest 1970s guitar shredding this side of Ritchie Blackmore.

Title track Bomber wraps up the album with a signature manic riff travelling at twice the speed limit, not even pretending to care about the consequences of the impending crash.

The 2001 CD reissue includes Over The Top and live performances of Leaving Here, Stone Dead Forever, Dead Men Tell No Tales and Too Late Too Late. Forced on-stage to actually finish their songs rather than fade away the madness, the band is even more fun as they try to find their way to defined endings.

Unapologetically destructive, Bomber is a blast.


Lemmy Kilmister - Bass, Vocals
Eddie Clake - Guitars
Phil (Philthy Animal) Taylor - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Dead Men Tell No Tales - 10
2. Lawman - 7
3. Sweet Revenge - 8
4. Sharpshooter - 7
5. Poison - 7
6. Stone Dead Forever - 10
7. All The Aces - 9
8. Step Down - 10
9. Talking Head - 8
10. Bomber - 9

Average: 8.50

Produced by Jimmy Miller.
Engineered by Trevor Hallesy.

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