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CD Review: Bullet In Your Head, by Made Of Hate (2008)

Changing their name from Archeon, Poland's Made Of Hate come back with Bullet In Your Head, a stripped down melodic death metal album full of eagerness to please and boundless energy, but also occasionally veering close to simplistic.

Despite the tight sound and professional delivery, the band stubbornly remains first and foremost a vehicle for Mike Kostrzynski's lead guitar wizardry. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can get one dimensional. Kostrzynski loves little classical interludes and plenty of cutesy jingles, but his guitar is often ahead of what else the band is capable of delivering. His own vocals are weak and mixed in the distant background, while the drumming is routine and the bass barely noticeable.

The compositions are basic, strongly reliant on good melodies, and delivered with an almost disco like bounciness. There is limited complexity or theme development in evidence, and samey tones and lengths prevail, with all nine tracks clocking in at between 4 and 5 minutes, and all delivered at an identical medium-fast tempo.

A couple of stand out tracks rise to the top. Bullet In Your Head is the most sophisticated cut, getting into an immediate groove with a clever riff bolted onto loads of determination. My Last Breath dispenses with the niceties and just reaches for the beef, Kostrzynski slowing the tempo and deciding to chug rather than shred, a welcome change of pace that allows the more traditional solo to sparkle.

Bullet In Your Head is an undemanding listen, firing away in celebration of the genre's fundamentals without necessarily finding any new skulls to puncture.


Mike Kostrzynski - Guitar, Vocals
Radek Polrolniczak - Guitar
Tomek Grochowski - Drums
Jarek Kajszczak - Bass

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Bullet In Your Head - 10
2. An Eye For An Eye - 8
3. On The Edge - 7
4. My Last Breath - 9
5. Mirror Of Sins - 7
6. Hidden - 7
7. Judgement - 7
8. Deadend - 8
9. Fallout - 7

Average: 7.78

Produced by Made Of Hate.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Tomasz Zalewski.

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