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CD Review: Decimate The Weak, by Winds Of Plague (2008)

Symphonic melodic deathcore may be out there on the edge of metal sub-genres, but southern California's Winds Of Plague pull it off with aplomb. Their debut Decimate The Weak is full of intent, proudly pushing Matt Fineman's keyboards to the forefront, and emphasizing classically inspired melodies as a foundational element onto which a ton of loud and proud pounding is applied.

The many breakdowns may be a trifle uninspired and the guitar work from the two Nicks Piunno and Eash is more about control rather than inspiration, but when Winds Of Plague pull all their dispersed elements together, including Johnny Plague alternating between growling and spitting out his vocals, the results are awe inspiring.

The opening duo of instrumental A Cold Day In Hell melding into Anthems Of Apocalypse throw everything at the well, and most of it immediately sticks. Haunting keyboards, endless energy, massive melody tied together by the roaring drums of Jeff Tenney, and a classic is born. The Impaler is almost as good, a determined eastern tinge providing a solid backdrop to the mayhem.

Title track Decimate The Weak throws boiling oil at the unwashed hordes attempting a feeble assault on the fortress, and after a massive drum artillery barrage, at 1:09 the band break into a chugging, spine-tingling old-fashioned metal riff, before ending with no less than a lyrical, thoughtful guitar solo. Angels Of Debauchery is the other notable track, more muscular and complex, and brimming with mature symphonic shadings.

The back end of the CD dips noticeably into less exhilarating territory, although the basic quality never falters. Decimate The Weak does annihilate the weaklings, and anyone who gets in the way for good measure.


Johnny Plague - Vocals
Nick Piunno - Guitar
Nick Eash - Guitar
Jeff Tenney - Drums
Andrew Glover - Bass
Matt Fineman - Keyboards

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. A Cold Day In Hell - n/a (short instrumental)
2. Anthems Of Apocalypse - 10
3. The Impaler - 9
4. Decimate The Weak - 10
5. Origins And Endings - 7
6. Angels Of Debauchery - 8
7. Reloaded - 7
8. Unbreakable - 7
9. One Body Too Many - 7
10. Legions - 7

Average: 8.00

Produced by Daniel Castleman and Winds Of Plague.
Engineered by Daniel Castleman. Mixed and Mastered by Tue Madsen.

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