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CD Review: Thrash Metal, by Blood Tsunami (2007)

Norway's Blood Tsunami burst onto the new thrash scene with a ridiculously good debut. The simply titled Thrash Metal is packed with barely contained energy, the band unleashing a combustible mixture of thrash ethos laced with melodic death metal elements.

Consisting of a compact eight tracks, Thrash Metal never lets up. The tempo oscillates between fast and faster, the strumming at controlled manic pace, the delivery astonishingly precise. And when Blood Tsunami introduce their staccato riffs, the tone is gloriously devastating.

The solos may lack the stunning level of proficiency of thrash's glory days, and this is where Blood Tsunami focus more on melodic death metal's all-rounded package approach rather than traditional thrash's aim-for-the-stars moments. None of the tracks on Thrash Metal sound like ordinary fluff surrounding a magnificent solo; every song exists in its entirety for its own complete and satisfying purpose.

Pete Evil's growl-on-gravel vocals are mixed to the background, allowing the driving melodies and guitars to dominate. And it's the domineering guitars of Evil and Dor Amazon that define Thrash Metal, the album a 42 minute celebration of guitars-at-speed generating cool mayhem.

The front end of the album contains the slightly stronger material. Opener Evil Unleashed detonates in under three minutes, the band signing their calling card with exuberant whiplash. Let Blood Rain delivers the most hypnotic tones on the album while mixing Iron Maiden's gallop with At The Gates' sinister riffs. At over six minutes Rampage Of Revenge takes its time to eliminate all witnesses with an aural assault straight out of a medieval battlefield, while Infernal Final Carnage rides a simple riff into an imposing iron mountain.

Despite the limited number of tracks, a slight tinge of monotony creeps in towards the back of a continuous album listen, with the instrumental Godbeater rather over-long at 10 minutes, although the quality of each individual song is always excellent.

Blood Tsunami waste no time in commanding attention, and Thrash Metal waves the flag high for the revival of one of metal's most enduring sub-genres.


Pete Evil - Guitars and Vocals
Dor Amazon - Guitars
Bosse - Bass
Faust - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Evil Unleashed - 10
2. Let Blood Rain - 9
3. Rampage Of Revenge - 9
4. Infernal Final Carnage - 9
5. Devoured By Flames - 8
6. Torn Apart - 8
7. Godbeater - 8
8. Killing Spree - 8

Average: 8.63

Recorded and mixed by Oyvind Voldmo Larsen.
Mastered by Espen Berg.

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