Saturday, 15 September 2012

CD Review: Onset Of Putrefaction, by Necrophagist (1999)

Effectively a one-man debut thrust into the technical death metal arena, Muhammed Suicmez assembles an intensity of sound impressive in its technical artistry, maintaining a uniform standard for the length of Onset Of Putrefaction, here and there finding intermittent highlight among all the fierce energy.

With Suicmez playing all the instruments and programming the drums, Necrophagist deliver a sound that best resembles sitting within the bowls of a massive piece of forgotten machinery, rumbling on in the sub-basement of an abandoned factory. An old computer nearby emits the concessional random beep. If there are tunes and melodies to be enjoyed, they are mostly brief enough to be considered accidental. The vocals bubble up from the core of the earth, impressively dehumanized down to the most essential base level and nothing else.

A few of the tracks feature titillating solos, and the album is briefly lifted when combined with a hint of sustained melody as on Culinary Hyperversity.  The final track Fermented Offal Discharge (whatever that is, the visual is unnecessary) also invests in a melodic death metal solo surrounded by the coordinated bedlam of technical death metal worshipping breakneck technique.

Necrophagist bring undoubted technical wizardry to the table of metal, but it's sorcery for the sake of sorcery: as music, the spell is just cold.


Muhammed Suiçmez - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Foul Body Autopsy - 7
2. To Breathe In A Casket - 7
3. Mutilate The Stillborn - 7
4. Intestinal Incubation - 7
5. Culinary Hyperversity - 8
6. Advanced Copse Tumor - 7
7. Extreme Unction - 7
8. Fermented Offal Discharge - 7

Average: 7.13

Produced by Muhammed Suiçmez.

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