Thursday, 24 May 2012

CD Review: Too Fast For Love, by Motley Crue (1981)

Three young guys and one older dude get together in Los Angeles, dress up as women, mash together an album called Too Fast For Love and go on to help create the scuzzy and doomed glam chapter in the history of heavy metal.

Motley Crue did not know much about playing instruments or creating good metal, but they knew how to party and convey a wild sense of living for the moment, to hell with the future. Fuelled by large amounts of drugs and alcohol, the raunchy image and imbecilic lyrics connected with a lost Sunset Strip generation looking for any rebellious heroes to worship, talent optional.

Initially released by the band in1981 (all of 900 copies), Too Fast For Love was re-sequenced, re-mixed and re-released in 1982 after the band was signed by Elektra Records. It doesn't really matter: Motley Crue offer energy and willingness, but little else. Descendants of the Kiss school of all image and limited ability, the band bash away to no great effect, creating instantly forgettable music suffocated by lyrics that induce acute cringing.

Tracks like Come On And Dance reveal a band barely out of the garage stage, with some of the most awkward use of cowbells ever to make it onto a metal album emphasizing embarrassingly juvenile song-writing. Piece Of Your Action only sounds good because it entirely rips off the Scorpions' riff from Coast To Coast. The better tracks like Live Wire and Take Me To The Top distinguish themselves by avoiding the threshold of extreme irritation.

Too Fast For Love marks the beginning of an era when alcoholic sex and drugs left metal far behind, the sordid benefits of music celebrated before being earned.


Vince Neil - Vocals
Mick Mars - Guitar
Tommy Lee - Drums
Nikki Sixx - Bass

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Live Wire - 7
2. Come On And Dance - 5
3. Public Enemy #1 - 6
4. Merry-Go-Round - 6
5. Take Me To The Top - 7
6. Piece Of Your Action - 7
7. Starry Eyes - 6
8. Too Fast For Love - 7
9. On With The Show - 6

Average: 6.33

Produced by Motley Crue.
Engineered by Gleen Felt, Azi Kipper, Robert Battaglia.
Mixed by Gordon Fordyce.

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