Saturday, 10 March 2012

CD Review: Rocks, by Aerosmith (1976)

Nine tracks of rather limp music looking for a hit, Rocks fails as metal. Aerosmith's fourth studio album, released almost exactly one year after Toys In The Attic, aims for what can be termed radio rock for the easily impressed, and provides a lot of noise in all the wrong directions.

A feeble combination of cock-obsessed lyrics married to endlessly repetitive riffs, Rocks is filled with forgettable blandness. The first two tracks offer some promise, Back In The Saddle benefiting from over-the-top shrieking by Steven Tyler, and Last Child tentatively dangerous with a lurking bass line. Elsewhere there is little to generate excitement, and a lot that just sounds lazy. Most tracks disintegrate into meandering instrumental stretches that go nowhere, several fading away in a fog of disinterest, following hard on the heels of acid-inspired and barely structured attempts at rocking out.

A worrying lack of edge and definition permeates through Rocks, which it ultimately just crumbles into dust.


Tom Hamilton - Bass
Joey Kramer - Drums
Joe Perry - Guitars
Steven Tyler - Vocals
Brad Whitford - Guitars

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1.Back In The Saddle - 8
2. Last Child - 8
3. Rats In The Cellar - 7
4. Combination - 6
5. Sick As A Dog - 6
6. Nobody's Fault - 7
7. Get The Lead Out - 7
8. Lick And A Promise - 7
9. Home Tonight - 7

Average: 7.00

Produced by Jack Douglas and Aerosmith.
Engineered by Jay Messina.

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