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CD Review: Grand Feast For Vultures, by Blood Tsunami (2009)

Combining new thrash with melodic death metal, Norway's Blood Tsunami deliver an all-energy second album. Grand Feast For Vultures may lack an evolutionary edge, but the album squarely hits what it aim for.

A compact seven selections but 50 terrific minutes, the overall pace on Grand Feast For Vultures oscillates between fast and faster with occasional dipping into frenzied territory. Blood Tsunami construct their music around basic thrash elements dressed up with a death metal spiff, and achieve the best of both worlds without necessarily inventing anything new. The melodies are prominent, the song structures pleasingly complex, the solos brave but perhaps not astounding.

The title track is the shortest and weakest selection. The other six tracks are uniformly impressive without quite soaring. Nothing But Contempt stands out thanks to a simple but dangerous riff leading the charge. The back-end of the track slows down and drops into a marching groove that atomizes the dusty terrain before impressively picking up speed again.

Laid To Waste lives up to its title and band's name, Blood Tsunami unleashing a red mist of devastation that plays up Slayer sensibilities in among Faust's thundering drums. Horsehead Nebula settles down for a 12 minute epic instrumental, a long journey passing through the finest thrash scenery.

Grand Feast For Vultures is a most welcome banquet. The ingredients may be familiar, but Blood Tsunami manage to still make them cleverly memorable.


Peter Michael Kolstad Vegem – Vocals, Guitar
Kristoffer Sørensen – Guitar
Bård "Faust" G. Eithun – Drums
Peter "Bosse" Boström – Bass

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Castle Of Skulls - 8
2. Nothing But Contempt - 9 *see below*
3. Personal Exorcism - 8
4. Laid To Waste - 9
5. Grand Feast For Vultures - 7
6. Horsehead Nebula - 9
7. One Step Closer To The Grave - 8

Average: 8.29

Produced by Blood Tsunami and Oyvind Voldmo Larsen.
Engineered by Oyvind Voldmo Larsen. Mastered by Tim Turan.

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