Monday, 19 March 2012

CD Review: Echoes Of The Fallen, by Anterior (2011)

Anterior's follow up to the terrific debut This Age Of Silence, Echoes Of The Fallen catches plenty of lightning, but rarely traps it into a bottle of brilliance. Echoes Of The Fallen offers a lot of music to admire in a compact and consistent package, but the lack of variety and heroic creativity is noticeable. All the material is enjoyable; little of it is ground-breaking.

The second track Blood In The Throne Room is distinguished by some magnificent guitar sweeps, elevating it just a notch above the rest of the album. Otherwise, the Anterior formula of sharply defined melodic death metal, professionally delivered with a strong emphasis on mid-tempo melodies, permeates through all the selections, with solos punctuating each song but not as prominently as on This Age Of Silence. Echoes Of The Fallen is nothing if not dependably homogeneous, a trait difficult to criticize due to the high quality.

But the consistency does meld into predictably, with a single tone dominating, and the melodies, good as they are, rarely soar.

By early 2012, Anterior announced that they were unfortunately calling it a day. Wales have had few heavy metal bands as good, and sadly, Echoes Of The Fallen unintentionally lives up to its name by providing reverberating memories of a band that deserved better.


Luke Davies - Vocals
Leon Kemp - Guitars
Steven Nixon - Guitars
James Britton - Bass
James Cook - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. To Live Not Remain - 8
2. Blood In The Throne Room - 9 *see below*
3. Tyranny - 8
4. Of Gods And Men - 8
5. By Horror Haunted - 8
6. Echoes Of The Fallen - n/a (short track)
7. The Evangelist - 8
8. Sleep Soundly No More - 8
9. Venomous - 8
10. Senora De Las Sombras - 8

Average: 8.11

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Scott Atkins.

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