Saturday, 25 February 2012

CD Review: Forget Me Not, by Dark Lunacy (2003)

For their second studio album, Italy's Dark Lunacy continue developing their elaborate sound, marrying classical string quartet music with melodic death metal. Forget Me Not may not reach the same astounding heights as their debut Devoid, but it still provides a spectacular experience.

Forget Me Not is filled with complex, satisfying and intricate compositions, the band fully exploring their trade secret of spanning the musical centuries, nurturing metal's deep relationship with its spiritual roots. The classical tunes are embedded more deeply and most naturally within the metal frameworks, with often marvelous results.

Dark Lunacy take their time with their music, allowing the tracks to evolve and blossom to a full bloom. Six of the selections clock in at more than six minutes, and it's almost always a pity when they come to an end, an indication of the richness of talent.

The highlight of the album is Serenity, a magical creation that perfects the eternal union between the ancient and the new. A haunting piano theme holds Serenity together, opening the door for molten metal from the guitar of Enomys onto which Mike Lunacy stamps his threatening low growl. Frequent but cohesive changes in pace, with the violin quartet ghosting in and out with melancholy interludes, lift the track to the rank of timeless classic.

Almost as good is Lunacyrcus, a seven minute journey on an invisible carpet into the mythical atmospheric layer where elegant violins and thunderous metal drums embrace.

Dark Lunacy need not fear: Forget Me Not is an unforgettable album.


Mike Lunacy - Vocals
Enomys - Guitars and Piano
Imer - Bass
Baijkal - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. The Dirge - n/a (short instrumental)
2. Lunacyrcus - 9
3. Fragile Caress - 8
4. Through The Non-Time - 8
5. Defaced - 8
6. Serenity - 10 *see below*
7. My Dying Pathway - 8
8. Fiamm - 8
9. Lacryma - 7
10. Die To Reborn - 8
11. Forget Me Not - 8

Average: 8.20

Produced and Engineered by Enomys.
Mixed by Enomis and Sygo. Mastered by Alberto Cutolo.

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