Tuesday, 13 September 2011

CD Review: Since The Day It All Came Down, by Insomnium (2004)

Insomnium specialize in melodic death metal that eagerly seeks the empty space in every glass to optimize life's pessimism. The cover art of Since The Day It All Came Down, the band's second album, contributes to the bleakness: shadowy remote woods with any potential for joy washed out of by the grim weather. Insomnium's second studio recording is less inspired than their debut, but still offers some good music within the band's well-defined scope.

Nocturne is a radiantly sad opening instrumental melding into the epic title track, The Day It All Came Down easily standing out as the best selection on the album, Insomnium borrowing a classic Iron Maiden riff and marinating it in melancholy sauce to great effect. Daughter Of The Moon brings a gutsy folk melody into the celebration of sorrow, while Bereavement is the closest that metal will come to brightening a funeral procession. Closing Words is surprisingly up-tempo, and the lyrics almost sound like a remote cause for optimism.

Insomnium's sleepier and less motivated moments can put all the critters of the animal kingdom in a silent trance, and both The Moment Of Reckoning and Disengagement are excellent at eliciting yawns of boredom.

Insomnium always sound perfectly professional, and they deliver their distinctive brand of despairing metal with as much life as despondent music can handle. Guitarists Friman and Hirvonen never showboat when simple excellence will do, and Niilo Sevanen delivers his low range growly vocals with appropriate respect for the foreboding sense of gloom that the band creates and thrives in. Listening to Since The Day It All Came Down ensures that mass celebrations erupt when a ray of sunshine subsequently appears, no matter how meekly it breaks through gloomy clouds.


Niilo Sevanen - Vocals and Bass
Ville Friman - Guitars
Markus Hirvonen - Drums
Ville Vanni - Guitars

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Nocturne - 8
2. The Day It All Came Down - 10
3. Daughter Of The Moon - 9
4. The Moment Of Reckoning - 6
5. Bereavement - 9
6. Under The Plaintive Sky - 7
7. Resonance - 7
8. Death Walked The Earth - 7
9. Disengagement - 6
10. Closing Words - 8
11. Song Of The Forlorn Son - 7

Average: 7.64

Produced by Insomnium and Jone Vaananen.
Recorded and Mixed by Jone Vaananen. Mastered by Mika Jussila.

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