Thursday, 14 July 2011

CD Review: Praises To The War Machine, by Warrel Dane (2008)

Warrel Dane's first solo album is unfortunately pointless. The lead singer from Nevermore is only able to prove that most vocalists need a strong supporting band to create good metal, and this is certainly true of Dane. His often operatic, always theatrical style can get tiresome quickly, and without the support of a guitar wizard to provide relief, Praises To The War Machine is difficult to digest.

Dane collaborates with Peter Wickers on much of the songwriting, and Wickers also plays the guitar on many of the tracks, in addition to producing, recording and co-mixing the album. A jack of all trades, perhaps, but clearly not much of a master in any one area. The songwriting in particular sorely fails to make a compelling case for the album to exist. Nothing here sounds better, more interesting, or more unique than Nevermore, and the album generally comes across as a collection of tracks that were not good enough for the most recent Nevermore records.

When We Pray is the only exception, Dane opening the album with the one track that combines a melody strong enough to complement his vocals, and an interesting, complex structure that augments the emotional delivery.

The rest of the tracks are very much ho-hum, and before long they all meld together into an indistinguishable drone, vocals to the forefront, everything else missing in action as the war machine rumbles on.


Warrel Dane - Vocals

Peter Wickers - Guitars
Matt Wicklund - Guitars
Dirk Verbeuren - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. When We Pray - 8
2. Messenger - 7
3. Obey - 7
4. Lucretia My Reflection - 7
5. Let You Down - 7
6. August - 7
7. Your Chosen Misery - 6
8. The Day The Rats Went To War - 7
9. Brother - 7
10. Patterns - 7
11. This Old Man - 7
12. Equilibrium - 7

Average: 7.00

Produced and Recorded by Peter Wickers.
Mixed by Mattias Nilsson and Peter Wickers.

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