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CD Review: III - How The Gods Kill, by Danzig (1992)

Glenn Danzig's devil worshipping music alternates between laughably pretentious and just plain hilarious, but when he mixes the proper measures of evil Elvis rock and roll with metallic juice, he is undeniably capable of producing some gems. III - How The Gods Kill contains a good sampling of polished Danzig product, satisfying within the confines of the band's admittedly unique identity.

Heart Of The Devil summarizes the best of what the band is capable of: channeling Elvis-gone-bad vocals and layering it onto a hypnotically straightforward rock and roll structure painted in thick black. Just as good is Do You Wear The Mark, which embraces metal more fully, John Christ taking the lead with a simple but effortlessly effective melody.

Godless alternates between excellent up-tempo galloping metal and painfully slow, self-absorbed vocal wailing. Title track How The Gods Kill also features slow-to-the-point-of-standing-still passages, but gives way to Christ just unloading a most massive guitar riff with exquisite tone, the equivalent of a boulder flattening what was a serene landscaping. When The Dying Calls is a good album closer, with more dark shading of conventional rock themes.

III - How The Gods Kill ploughs familiar territory for fans who want to celebrate the Prince of Darkness, Danzig the band simultaneously demonstrating their proficiency at selling one message and their inability to do much else.


Glenn Danzig - Vocals and Keyboards
Eerie Vonn - Bass
John Christ - Guitars
Chuck Biscuits - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Godless - 8
2. Anything - 7
3. Bodies - 7
4. How The Gods Kill- 8
5. Dirty Black Summer - 7
6. Left Hand Black - 7
7. Heart Of The Devil - 9
8. Sistinas - 6
9. Do You Wear The Mark - 9
10. When The Dying Calls - 8

Average: 7.60

Produced by Glenn Danzig.
Recorded by Nick Di Dia. Mixed by Jason Corsaro.

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