Tuesday, 21 June 2011

CD Review: Revelations, by Audioslave (2006)

Audioslave close the curtain on a short career with the most spectacular of their three albums, Revelations representing an exclamation mark at the end of the happy but truncated marriage between Chris Cornell and most of Rage Against The Machine.

Continuing to write at a prolific rate, Audioslave released Revelations just over a year after Out Of Exile, and packed it with another 12 high quality tracks. And it is the consistency of the content that stands out on Revelations, Audioslave finding a zone of rich creativity and flourishing within it. Revelations is marked by noticeably more energy, a harder metal edge delivered by Morello, Commerford and Wilk, pushing Cornell to work for his frontman status and curtailing his more whiny tendencies. The end result is a punchier album, full of Morello's guitar power driving forceful melodies that combine plenty of soul with a metal heart.

Album opener and title track Revelations rocks out with wild abandon behind Wilk's prominent beat and Morello's infectious riff, Cornell adding terrific harmonies to the mix. One And The Same is all Morello, not trying to restrain his guitar wizard tendencies and laying down the law with a 1970s era, Shaft-inspired tune. Moth is the album closer and the ending of Audioslave's recording career, and it perfectly captures what the band was all about, a massive rumbling of channelled energy from the band alternating with Cornell's spine-tingling, emotive vocals.

Internal divisions spelled the end of Audioslave, the band flaming out at a creative peak rather than fading away into mundane obscurity.


Chris Cornell - Vocals
Tim Commerford - Bass
Brad Wilk - Drums
Tom Morello - Guitars

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Revelations - 10 *see below*
2. One And The Same - 9
3. Sound Of A Gun - 8
4. Until We Fall - 8
5. Original Fire - 8
6. Broken City - 8
7. Somedays - 8
8. Shape Of Things To Come - 8
9. Jewel Of The Summertime - 8
10. Wide Awake - 8
11. Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye - 8
12. Moth - 9

Average: 8.33

Produced and Mixed by Brendan O'Brien.
Recorded by Nick Didia. Mastered by Bob Ludwig.

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