Friday, 10 June 2011

CD Review: Doomsday Machine, by Arch Enemy (2005)

Arch Enemy achieve the rare feat of four excellent albums in a row. After Burning Bridges (1999), Wages Of Sin (2001) and Anthems Of Rebellion (2003), Doomsday Machine rounds out the quartet with another strong collection of melodic death metal tracks. The four albums together represent a creative peak for the band and the genre, with the latter three benefiting from Angela Gossow's vocals, her style perfectly suited to the band's classical foundations.

Doomsday Machine features one of metal's all-time classics in any sub-genre, My Apocalypse taking control of all the senses with a hypnotic spell built on a creepy underwater sonar pulse and grinding guitar work, all riding a melody oozing class from every note with dismissive ease.

Just as impressive, if less famous, is I Am Legend / Out For Blood which introduces a marching band rhythm, the armies of doom advancing to a staccato beat mercilessly unleashed by the Amott brothers. A change in tone brings forth much more dangerous chaos in the middle of the track, the band abandoning army discipline and letting loose on the battlefield behind Daniel Erlandsson's massive drum beats. And it all climaxes with a brilliant solo that can claim to be any legend it wants and seize any amount of desired blood.

Nemesis is the other excellent track on the album, a fast pace co-existing with a captivating chorus, more wanton Erlandsson devastation, and yet more expressive, majestic guitar solos.

The rest of the album provides consistently high quality, Arch Enemy riding a wave of inspiration to assemble complex, powerful, and always classically melodic medal.


Angela Gossow - Vocals
Michael Amott - Guitars
Christopher Amott - Guitars
Sharlee D'Angelo - Bass
Daniel Erlandsson - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Enter The Machine - n/a (short instrumental)
2. Taking Back My Soul - 8
3. Nemesis - 9
4. My Apocalypse - 10
5. Carry The Cross - 8
6. I Am Legend / Out For Blood - 10 *see below*
7. Skeleton Dance - 8
8. Hybrids Of Steel - 8
9. Mechanic God Creation - 8
10. Machtkampf - 7
11. Slaves Of Yesterday - 7

Average: 8.30

Produced by Rickard Bengtsson.
Mixed and Mastered by Andy Sneap.

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