Sunday, 8 May 2011

CD Review: Sound Of White Noise, by Anthrax (1993)

Anthrax finally wade into more cultivated music and produce one of their more complete albums. Sound Of White Noise contains a notably higher proportion of quality songs, and several stand-out tracks. John Bush replaces Joey Belladonna on vocals, but Bush may have had his greatest influence on the writing. Credited as co-writer on every song, it is unlikely to be pure coincidence that Anthrax's sound takes a jump forward in refinement with Bush's arrival.

Only and 1000 Points Of Hate are the two flagship tracks on the album. Only delivers music that seemed well beyond Anthrax's capabilities on earlier albums, a patient, brooding build-up leading to a power-packed chorus and stellar guitar solo, all in the comfort of mid-tempo land. 1000 Points Of Hate carries a doomsday tone into a thunderous, barbarians-on-the-rampage carnival that maintains discipline but allows Dan Spitz's guitar and Charlie Benante's drums to strafe at will. Hy Pro Glo is almost as good, crunching chords leading the charge into a beguiling chorus with Bush dripping serious nonsense.

While two or three quality tracks are the best that most other Anthrax albums could muster, Sound Of White Noise is deep with enjoyable metal. Potters Field is a strong opener, Benante uncompromising on the drums as Bush establishes his credentials. Packaged Rebellion and This Is Not An Exit are further examples of the band's progress.

They may never have reached the stellar career heights of fellow thrash inventors Metallica or Megadeth, but Sound Of White Noise is a good reminder that Anthrax did conquer a few peaks of their own.


John Bush - Vocals
Dan Spitz - Lead Guitar
Scott Ian - Rhythm Guitar
Frank Bello - Bass
Charlie Benante - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Potters Field - 8
2. Only - 10
3. Room For One More - 7
4. Packaged Rebellion - 8
5. Hy Pro Glo - 9
6. Invisible - 7
7. 1000 Points Of Hate - 10
8. Black Lodge - 7
9. C11 H17 NOS Na - 7
10. Burst - 6
11. This Is Not An Exit - 8

Average: 7.91

Produced by Dave Jerden and Anthrax
Mixed by Dave Jerden. Engineered by Bryan Carlstrom.
Mastered by Eddy Schreyer.

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