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CD Review: Persistence Of Time, by Anthrax (1990)

Anthrax enter a new decade with limited evolution. Another album beating the same constricted beat, Persistence Of Time adds little that is new to the band's thrash endeavours. Eleven tracks and more than 50 minutes of music; but only two selections are genuinely worthwhile, and the inability of Anthrax to increase the high quality quota of their album contents remains a frustration.

When they do spread their wings, flex their muscles, and take risks, they offer glimpses of how good they could have been, as on the title track Time. Almost seven minutes of irresistible brilliance, Time can take it's place among the best achievements in thrash, thanks to a pulverizing beat by Charlie Benante and some of Joe Belladonna's best vocals. The complex song structure is held together by determinedly inquisitive chords, and proves Anthrax's ability to stretch.

Got The Time is three minutes of non-stop, fast-paced, barely controlled and exuberant energy running maniacally across the clock face, with Frank Bello's bass providing the only semblance of order.

The rest of the album offers a lot more of the same old Anthrax, repetitive, marginally interesting chords with barely developed song structures. The songs are longer, but that does not make them better. Persistence Of Time is unfortunately stuck in time.


Joe Belladonna - Vocals
Dan Spitz - Lead Guitar
Scott Ian - Rhythm Guitar
Frank Bello - Bass
Charlie Benante - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Time - 10
2. Blood - 7
3. Keep It In The Family - 7
4. In My World - 7
5. Gridlock - 6
6. Intro To Reality - 7
7. Belly Of The Beast - 7
8. Got The Time - 10
9. H8 Red - 7
10. One Man Stands - 6
11. Discharge - 7

Average: 7.36

Produced by Anthrax and Mark Dodson.
Mixed by Steve Thompson and Mike Barbiero.
Engineered by Mark Dodson. Mastered by Bob Ludwig.

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