Saturday, 14 May 2011

CD Review: Metal Queen, by Lee Aaron (1984)

Canadian singer Karen Lynn Greening, performing as Lee Aaron, had a go at metal stardom in the 1980s. Metal Queen was her second studio release, and an all-out attempt at creating an enduring metal persona. Notwithstanding the unwieldy length of that sword, the picture on the album cover was promising; unfortunately it was also the best thing that the project had going for it.

While Aaron's vocals are solid enough, she was never surrounded with the necessary songwriting or instrument-playing talent. As a result, it would be difficult to find a metal album that is as devoid of interesting ideas as Metal Queen. Despite this being 1984, the album drips of inoffensive vanilla, a potpourri of paint-by-numbers light metal songs lacking in any kind of edge, intensity, or sweat. Whatever emotion generated has the cold fakery of music borrowed from somewhere else. The better tracks are average; the weaker tracks belong squarely on the stage of the local high school talent show.

Deceiver pokes it's head above the weeds by delivering just enough energy to warrant some attention. The rest of the material moves slowly and surely towards a nausea inducing slow death by boredom.


Lee Aaron - Vocals
John Albani - Guitars
George Bernhardt - Guitars
Attila Demjen - Drums
Jack Meli - Bass

Songlist (rating out of 10):

1. Metal Queen - 7
2. Lady Of The Darkest Night - 7
3. Head Above Water - 7
4. Got To Be The One - 7
5. Shake It Up - 5
6. Deceiver - 8
7. Steal Away Your Love - 6
8. Hold Out - 5
9. Breakdown - 5
10. We Will Be Rockin' - 6

Average: 6.30

Produced Paul Gross.
Engineered by Mick Walsh.

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