Friday, 8 April 2011

CD Review: Evil Empire, by Rage Against The Machine (1996)

A case of one song dominating an entire album, Bulls On Parade shines with such intensity that a long shadow is cast over almost everything else on Evil Empire, the second album by Rage Against The Machine.

People Of The Sun sneaks in at the front end with an enjoyably buzzy and energetic opener, but then the bulls are let loose on the parade, and a new mark of metal greatness is notched. Mid-tempo and wielding enormous power, Bulls On Parade combines Tom Morello's endless guitar tricks with a massive bass line, thunderous drums and Zack De La Rocha's intense but controlled vocals to create a classic. The nu-metal genre never had a better moment.

The rest of the album, while rarely disappointing, understandably struggles to make much of an impact, Snakecharmer briefly perking up proceedings by unleashing a stripped down, power-hungry, bass-heavy monster. Otherwise there are a few too many fiddly guitar frolics, too much of De La Rocha spitting his political diatribes into the microphone, and not enough catchy material.

The empire may be evil, but it's those bulls rampaging through the parade that we remember best.


Zack De La Rocha - Vocals
Tom Morello - Guitars
Tim Commerford (credited as Tim Bob) - Bass
Brad Wilk - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. People Of The Sun - 9
2. Bulls On Parade - 10
3. Vietnow - 7
4. Revolver - 7
5. Snakecharmer - 8
6. Tire Me - 7
7. Down Rodeo - 7
8. Without A Face - 7
9. Wind Below - 6
10. Roll Right - 7
11. Year Of Tha Boomerang - 7

Average: 7.45

Produced by Brendan O'Brien. Mixed by Andy Wallace.
Recorded by Nick Dida. Mastered by Bob Ludwig.

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