Wednesday, 23 February 2011

CD Review: Whitesnake, by Whitesnake (1987)

More personnel changes as Jon Lord and Cozy Powell quickly disappear from Whitesnake's line-up, and Aynsley Dunbar takes over behind the drum kit. David Coverdale and John Sykes stay as the main creative talent behind the band, which means that the overall tone and quality are largely unchanged. Not that this new line-up lasted very long: Coverdale fired them all soon after Whitesnake was released.

Compared to Slide It In (1984), the better songs are a bit stronger and the weaker songs are bit worse on Whitesnake, but the overall package is just as dragged down by too many throw-away, make-weight tracks.

Whitesnake does contain three tracks worth holding on to: opener Crying In The Rain is an honest enough slow tempo rocker, featuring an attractive chugging guitar structure. Still Of The Night is Whitesnake doing some sort of Zeppelin impression. It's not bad and features more energetic work from Sykes on the guitar, but it mostly serves to emphasize the gulf in talent between the bands.

The best thing on Whitesnake is Here I Go Again, a new, beefed-up version of Coverdale's signature song that first appeared on Saints And Sinners (1982). It is an undoubtedly effective metal track, built around a confident melody and perfectly suited to Coverdale's voice. Adrian Vandenberg provided guest solo guitar work on the 1987 version, and he would soon replace Sykes altogether as the band's guitarist.

The other six tracks on Whitesnake are a familiar and forgettable story, simple anthems lacking in ambition, pregnant with false emotion and defining everything that is wrong with poodle power rock, standing outside in the cold but with its nose pressed against the metal window.


David Coverdale - Vocals
John Sykes - Guitar
Neil Murray - Bass
Aynsley Dunbar - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Crying In The Rain - 8
2. Bad Boys - 6
3. Still Of The Night - 8
4. Here I Go Again - 9
5. Give Me All Your Love - 6
6. Is This Love - 7
7. Children Of The Night - 6
8. Straight From The Heart - 6
9. Don't Turn Away - 6

Average: 6.89

Produced by Mike Stone and Keith Olsen.
Mastered by Greg Fulginiti.

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