Tuesday, 22 February 2011

CD Review: Slide It In, by Whitesnake (1984)

Cobbling together a group from members of other famous bands may have looked like a promising move for David Coverdale and Whitesnake. In came John Sykes (Thin Lizzy), Jon Lord (Deep Purple) and Cozy Powell (Rainbow and The Michael Schenker Group). Alas, Whitesnake was never more than a one trick pony. The pony is Coverdale and the trick is crass innuendo that starts with the band's title, soars to ridiculous levels with tracks titled Slide It In and Spit It Out, and crash lands with three tracks out of ten having Love in the title, as if anything that comes out of Coverdale's mouth can convey serious emotion.

Slide It In has one excellent track, Slow An' Easy rising several notches above the dross with a complex construction, a purposeful beat laid down by Powell's drum set, a more engaging than usual Coverdale vocal delivery, and an infectious if corny chorus.

The rest of the material falls in the cracks between hoping-for-a-radio-hit and desperate-to-appeal, with all nine tracks aiming for the utterly simplistic and hitting the target squarely. The better tracks are handsome in a bland manner, and the weaker tracks are altogether faceless.

Whitesnake may have many star names in the line-up for Slide It In, but the stars of inspiration are badly out of alignment.


David Coverdale - Vocals
Jon Lord - Keyboards
Mel Galley - Guitar
John Sykes - Guitar
Neil Murray - Bass
Cozy Powell - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Slide It In - 7
2. Slow An' Easy - 9
3. Love Ain't No Stranger - 7
4. All Or Nothing - 7
5. Gambler - 7
6. Guilty Of Love - 6
7. Hungry For Love - 6
8. Give Me More Time - 7
9. Spit It Out - 6
10. Standing In The Shadow - 7

Average: 6.90

Produced by Martin Birch.
Mixed by Keith Olsen. Mastered by Greg Fulginiti.

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