Wednesday, 2 February 2011

CD Review: Promises In Blood, by Paths Of Possession (2005)

Best known for having George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher of Cannibal Corpse fame on vocals delivering an incessant low pitch growl, Paths Of Possession attempt to combine melodies with their brand of death metal, but the melody is typically either fractured and abandoned in pieces or forgotten entirely. The band's third album, Promises In Blood never threatens to achieve anything other than mediocrity.

Opener Darklands and third cut Bleed The Meek are the two tracks that have enough of a melody and individuality to break away from the rest, the two songs establishing strong personalities, reasonable hooks and demonstrating promise. Both Darklands and Bleed The Meek have pleasing echoes of Arch Enemy's complex compositions and classical inspired harmonies, although the guitar work of Jay Fossen and Jack Goodwin is far from the talent of Michael and Christopher Amott.

Unfortunately, nothing else on the album builds on these elements, Promises In Blood generally charging ahead like an engine without a car, trying to ride Fisher's vocals and Nick Goodyear's drumming but in the absence of any melody, focus or structure, having no means of getting anywhere.

The other 10 tracks just thump along in a monotonous key, with a lot of sweat and effort but a result that sounds not much different than an older model washing machine left on but empty, while an obsolete dryer churns away next to it, also vacant. The mechanical energy is definitely being expended, but mostly it's just being wasted on so much hot air.


Randy Butman - Bass
Jay Fossen - Guitar
George Fisher - Vocals
Jack Goodwin - Guitar
Nick Goodyear - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Darklands - 8
2. The Butchers Bargain - 6
3. Bleed The Meek - 8
4. The Second Coming - 6
5. Where The Empty Gods Lie - 6
6. A Heart For A Heart - 6
7. In My Eyes - 7
8. Erzsebet - 7
9. Promises In Blood - 6
10. Bring Me The Head Of Christ - 6
11. Through The Fiery Halls - 7
12. The Icy Flow Of Death - 6

Average: 6.58

Produced, Mixed, and Engineered by Erik Rutan.
Mastered by Alan Douches.

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