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CD Review: Orgasmatron, by Motorhead (1986)

The seventh studio album finds Motorhead producing three solid tracks and surrounding them with six other songs that, while not exactly filler, contribute little. Now a foursome with two guitarists in Phil Campbell and Wurzel, Motorhead on Orgasmatron still sound exactly like Motorhead on most other albums: short compositions hurtling down the rails at extremely high speeds with certified faulty brakes.

The exception on this album is the title track, Orgasmatron closing the record with a thoughtful and surprisingly authoritative mid-tempo groove that stays in control, Lemmy sounding very unlike Lemmy with a raspy, menacing tone. Orgasmatron is nothing if not monotonous, but it's powerful enough to maintain interest.

The other two worthwhile tracks are undeniably brilliant. Opener Deaf Forever is a nuclear detonation of metal, Pete Gill's insane drums atomizing a large radius and creating the space for terrific guitar solo work. Built For Speed is as dazzling but more of a team effort, the band again finding the necessary controlled melody to govern their power, and building to some cut-loose infectious rhythm guitar work.

The other six tracks on the album fill out the shortish 36 minute running length, with a blend of the competent and the average. Orgasmatron enjoys some good climaxes, but is generally a vaguely unsatisfying quickie.


Lemmy Kilmister - Vocals, Bass
Phil Campbell - Guitar
Wurzel - Guitar
Pete Gill - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Deaf Forever - 10
2. Nothing Up My Sleeve - 6
3. Ain't My Crime - 7
4. Claw - 7
5. Mean Machine - 6
6. Built For Speed - 10
7. Ridin' With The Driver - 7
8. Doctor Rock - 6
9. Orgasmatron - 8

Average: 7.44

Produced by Bill Laswell.

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