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CD Review: Saints & Sinners, by Whitesnake (1982)

Despite a line-up featuring three ex-Deep Purple members, and even with the usually inspirational producer Martin Birch behind the controls, Whitesnake's Saints & Sinners fails to sparkle.

A collection of generally bland, uninspired pop rock songs with barely a twinge of the blues and hardly any noticeable power, Whitesnake's fifth studio album aches for a radio hit and a US breakthrough, and is filled with mostly insipid, back-of-the-condom lyrics to try and make that happen.

Coverdale's husky voice dominates. The songs are clearly written to showcase him and him alone, while the rest of the band members toil away in anonymity. It's difficult to believe that Jon Lord and Ian Paice are on this album, and it is likely a sign of Whitesnake's lack of group cohesion and continued search for an identity that three members (including Paice) left the band soon after recording Saints & Sinners.

Crying In The Rain, Here I Go Again and closer Saints An' Sinners show a bit more spirit, depth and intent than the rest of the material, but overall the album is mired in mediocrity.

Whitesnake doggedly persisted and would go on to achieve the much craved international success later in the 1980s, propelled more by attractive videos than attractive music. However, Saints & Sinners proved to have neither the glory of the saints nor the nastiness of the sinners.


David Coverdale - Vocals
Bernie Marsden - Guitars
Micky Moody - Guitars
Neil Murray - Bass
Ian Paice - Drums
Jon Lord - Keyboards

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Young Blood - 7
2. Rough An' Ready - 7
3. Bloody Luxury - 6
4. Victim Of Love - 6
5. Crying In The Rain - 8
6. Here I Go Again - 8
7. Love An' Affection - 7
8. Rock An' Roll Angels - 6
9. Dancing Girls - 7
10. Saints An' Sinners - 8

Average: 7.00

Produced and Mixed by Martin Birch.
Mastered by Steve Angel.

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