Sunday, 28 November 2010

CD Review: Lights Out, by UFO (1977)

A mixture of 1960's psychedelia and 1970's pop-rock with a nod to more muscular elements, UFO's Lights Out never threatens to cross fully into metal terrain. Despite the presence of Michael Schenker on guitar, UFO are snooping around pop territory seeking mainstream appeal rather than pushing into any dark corners.

Opener Too Hot To Handle, the classic title track Lights Out, and the moody, swirly Love To Love inject the most energy into the proceedings, but songs like the awful Gettin' Ready work hard to suck the life straight back out of the album.

The cover of Love's Alone Again Or deserves a mention as probably the most 1960's hippie track ever to groove its way onto an otherwise rock/metal record.

Throughout the album Schenker, still only 22 years old, is more restrained than flamboyant, allowing Phil Mogg's mainstream vocals to dominate. The rest of the band are functional rather than impressive, with Paul Raymond's keyboards occasionally prominent.

Lights Out is of mostly archaeological interest as an artifact of an era when rock, metal and pop intersected, and a young guitar hero stood in the middle before striking out on his own.


Phil Mogg - Vocals
Michael Schenker - Guitars
Pete Way - Bass
Andy Parker - Drums
Paul Raymond - Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Too Hot To Handle - 8
2. Just Another Suicide - 6
3. Try Me - 6
4. Lights Out - 8
5. Gettin' Ready - 5
6. Alone Again Or - 7
7. Electric Phase - 6
8. Love To Love - 8

Average: 6.75

Produced by Ron Nevison.

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