Saturday, 20 November 2010

CD Review: All Killer No Filler, by Sum 41 (2001)

A mixture of punk and ska in a metal package, Ontario's Sum 41 mostly want to have fun.

The first track on All Killer No Filler is a take-off on the opening spoken words of Iron Maiden's The Number Of The Beast, and the closing track Pain For Pleasure is an unfortunately short pure Maidenesque tune, meant as a joke but with the potential to have been so much more.

In between, All Killer No Filler provides a long list of short tracks, relying heavily on crunchy but simplistic chords from Dave Baksh's guitar, and over-enthusiastic punk-inspired but ultimately irritating vocals from Deryck Whibley.

Fat Lip manages to distinguish itself from the rest with a more assured, less frantic structure, but otherwise a samey sound quickly creeps into the proceedings, and the back end of the album disintegrates into a cascade of indistinguishable tracks and strays far from the title boast. In fact, none of it is killer, and a lot of it is filler.


Bizzy D (Deryck Whibley) - Guitar, Vocals
Brown Sound (Dave Baksh) - Guitar, Vocals
Cone (McCaslin) - Bass
Stevo 32 (Steve Jocz) - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Introduction To Destruction - n/a (spoken words)
2. Nothing On My Back - 7
3. Never Wake Up - 6
4. Fat Lip - 8
5. Rhythms - 7
6. Motivation - 7
7. In Too Deep -7
8. Summer - 7
9. Handle This - 6
10. Crazy Amanda Bunkface - 6
11. All She's Got - 6
12. Heart Attack - 6
13. Pain For Pleasure - 7

Average: 6.67

Produced by Jerry Finn. Mixed by Terry Lord-Alge.
Engineered by Joe McGrath. Mastered by Brian Gardner.

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