Tuesday, 16 November 2010

CD Review: Sven Gali by Sven Gali (1992)

Sven Gali's first of only two albums sounds a lot like watered-down Slaughter. And given that Slaughter themselves are no great fountain of innovation, Sven Gali's sound is as close as can be to machine-manufactured, paint-by-numbers metal lite.

Perhaps Sven Gali, from Hamilton, Ontario, were already doomed since they started as a cover band, and appear to have stumbled into life as a real metal act with a helping push from a record company looking to boost its catalogue content in the dying days of mail-order music clubs. Regardless, the album is filled with short, simplistic, radio friendly songs, with a phony edge of danger and clear desperation to receive airplay.

Opener Under The Influence, the up-tempo Stiff Competition and the cover of Disgusteen demonstrate a bit of added oomph compared to the rest of the tracks, but even on the better songs the energy appears to be manufactured more than heartfelt. However, while formulaic metal never inspires, it rarely bombs, and so Sven Gali just tramps along, never repulsive enough to be turned off but also never reaching any heights that deserve more than passing attention. However, the two acoustic ballads, Love Don't Live Here Anymore and Whisper In The Rain, confirm almost beyond a reasonable doubt that the band's lyrics were written by an android.

Sven Gali's second album saw them veer away from the by-then very dead glam metal sound towards a grunge derivative. It's failure marked the end of the band, and based on this evidence, that was no great loss.


David Wanless - Vocals
Gregg Gerson - Drums
Dee Cernile - Guitar
Shawn T. T. Maher - Bass
Andy Frank - Guitar

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Under The Influence - 8
2. Tie Dyed Skies - 7
3. Sweet Little Gypsy - 7
4. In My Garden - 7
5. Freakz - 7
6. Love Don't Live Here Anymore - 6
7. Stiff Competition - 8
8. Real Thing - 7
9. Whisper In The Rain - 6
10. 25 Hours A Day - 7
11. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - 7
12. Disgusteen - 8

Average: 7.08

Produced by David Bendeth. Mixed by Earl Porno Torno.
Recorded by Dan Harjung. Mastered by Tom Coyne.

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