Tuesday, 12 October 2010

CD Review: Silver, by Moist (1994)

In the 1994 era of we-are-alt-something-but-definitely-don't-call-us-metal, Vancouver's Moist came close to bolting a metal ethic to the radio-popular sounds of the day. Call it vocals-based mellow metal if you like, but Silver, the band's biggest success, does not shy away from distinctive metal shadings, and sounds all the better for it.

While never straying too far from songs that could safely be played in front of parents, Moist demonstrate a welcome guitar-driven energy and willingness to let rip - in segments - on tracks like Freaky Be Beautiful and Machine Punch Through.

It's too bad that the most clearly metallic track on the CD, This Shrieking Love, does not demonstrate superior song writing or structural composition, because it is a preview for a more dangerous side of the band that would have merited further exploration.

As it is, Silver is mostly about showcasing David Usher's interesting tone and range, and in an era when sound-alike moaners dominated, Usher is cleverly distinctive and upbeat. Mark Makowy provides strong support on guitars and sneaks in the occasional solo. Kevin Young's keyboards are given a good workout, and Moist do demonstrate the effectiveness of integrating intelligent keyboards into metal-oriented compositions.

Silver didn't exactly rescue metal, but it did prove that metal was discreetly still able to influence the music of the day, as it awaited its revival.


David Usher - Vocals
Mark Makowy - Guitar
Kevin Young - Keyboards
Jeff Pearce - Bass
Paul Wilcox - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Push - 9
2. Believe Me - 7
3. Kill For You - 8
4. Silver - 9
5. Freaky Be Beautiful - 9
6. Break Her Down - 7
7. Into Everything - 7
8. Picture Elvis - 7
9. Machine Punch Through - 9
10. This Shrieking Love - 7
11. Low Low Low - 6

Average: 7.73

Produced by Kevin Hamilton and Moist.

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