Wednesday, 27 October 2010

CD Review: Heal, by Sacred Reich (1996)

Squeezing thrash for all its worth at a time when the genre was all but commercially dead, Heal fell on a generation of deaf ears looking for anything but metal, and the album never received the recognition that it probably deserved.

Eleven years into their career and on their seventh and final studio album, Sacred Reich, from Phoenix, produce enough energy on Heal to light up a small city. The collection of tracks maintains strong interest with unrelenting in-your-face power, clever melodies, clean delivery and cute embellishments.

The album certainly does not overstay its welcome: the longest track clocks in at just over 4 minutes, and the entire CD is done and dusted in just over 30 minutes.

While no tracks shine with absolute majesty, the highlights include opener Blue Suit, Brown Shirt and I Don't Care, both of which latch onto a thick groove and ride it to glory. I Don't Care even manages to throw in a terrific elongated solo that almost makes up for the lack of memorable lead guitar prominence elsewhere on the album. Title track Heal, Don't, Seen Through My Eyes, and album closer The Power Of The Written Word provide strong support.

With the barren landscape of metal in the mid-1990's, Heal reveals a band that is intent on doing its own thing, going out in a blaze of glory, consequences and commercial success be damned.


Phil Rind - Bass and Vocals
Wiley Arnett - Lead Guitar
Jason Rainey - Guitar
Dave McClain - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Blue Suit, Brown Shirt - 9
2. Heal - 8
3. Break Through - 7
4. Low - 7
5. Don't - 8
6. Jason's Idea - n/a (short interlude)
7. Ask Ed - 6
8. Who Do You Want to Be? - 7
9. Seen Through My Eyes - 8
10. I Don't Care - 9
11. The Power Of The Written Word - 8

Average: 7.70

Produced by Bill Metoyer and Sacred Reich.
Engineered and Mixed by Bill Metoyer.
Mastered by Eddy Schreyer.

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