Monday, 6 September 2010

CD Review: Tattooed Millionaire, by Bruce Dickinson (1990)

Bruce Dickinson sets off on a solo career while still a member of the Iron Maiden juggernaut, and for his first effort emerges with a limp and forgettable album.

Tattooed Millionaire is filled with repetitive, unimaginative, uninspired, and derivative tunes. Some passages evoke faint echoes of Maiden's sound, or what Maiden would sound like if stripped of dual lead guitars, solos, complexity, and any inspiration.

Dickinson does his best to belt out the vocals with passion, and the supporting band, including future Maiden man Janick Gers, is not without talent.

The fatal weak link is the songwriting. Most of the tracks are written or co-written by Dickinson, and he mostly regurgitates simplistic metal-lite anthems that soon suck the energy out of the album. This collection would never have seen the light of day had Dickinson not had the Maiden association.

The 2002 CD release includes five bonus tracks that are very much more of the same, but at least a cover of AC/DC's Sin City emerges as the best song in a very average set.

It wasn't Dickinson's intention, but Tattooed Millionaire made Iron Maiden circa 1990 sound rather good -- no easy task.


Bruce Dickinson - Vocals

Janick Gers - Guitar
Andy Carr - Bass
Fabio Del Rio - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Son Of A Gun - 7
2. Tattooed Millionaire - 6
3. Born In '58 - 6
4. Hell On Wheels - 7
5. Gypsy Road - 7
6. Dive! Dive! Dive! - 7
7. All The Young Dudes - 7
8. Lickin' The Gun - 6
9. Zulu Lulu - 5
10. No Lies - 7

Bonus Tracks:

11. Spirit Of Joy - 7
12. Darkness Be My Friend - 6
13. Sin City - 8
14. Winds Of Change - 6
15. Riding With The Angels (Live) - 7

Average: 6.60

Produced by Chris Tsangarides.
Mixed by Nigel Green.
Mastered by Dave Donnelly.

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