Saturday, 11 September 2010

CD Review: Space In Your Face, by Galactic Cowboys (1993)

If The Beatles had ever dabbled in heavy metal, they would have likely sounded like Galactic Cowboys.

Space In Your Face is filled with a unique, harmony-heavy sound, featuring crunchy riffs, chuggy structures and no small amount of self-depreciating humor.

Where Are You Now? must be once of the funniest metal songs on any CD, with a swirling, catchy, dreamy but heavy melody climaxing with phone conversation snippets that capture metal's rejection. It really needs to be heard to be believed.

The two opening tracks, Space In Your Face and You Make Me Smile mix manic energy and massive power with tight structures and accurate delivery to great effect. The rest of the album features both solid hits and near misses, but the tracks are never less than interesting.

On Space In Your Face, Galactic Cowboys are certainly out in their own little quirky corner of metal, having loads of fun.


Monty Colvin - Bass, Vocals
Alan Doss - Drums, Vocals
Ben Huggins - Vocals, Guitars
Dane Sonnier - Guitars, Vocals

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Space In Your Face - 10
2. You Make Me Smile - 10 *see below*
3. I Do What I Do - 8
4. Circles In The Fields - 6
5. If I Were A Killer - 6
6. Blind - 8
7. No Problems - 8
8. About Mrs. Leslie - 7
9. Where Are You Now? - 10

Average: 8.11

Produced and Recorded by Sam Taylor.
Mixed by Andy Wallace.
Engineered by Brian Garcia.
Mastered by Howie Weinberg.

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