Saturday, 11 September 2010

CD Review: IV, by Godsmack (2006)

There is nothing terrible on Godsmack's IV. There is nothing terribly impressive about it, either.

A prime example of no-risk, no-reward, the eleven tracks are all aiming squarely for Nickelback's radio-friendly territory. This means that Sully Erna belts out the vocals with big but false emotion, Tom Rombola's guitar is shackled, and the bass and drums may as well be programmed by a church computer.

We get plenty of cookie-cutter, ultra-predictable song structures, and no sign of either perspiration or inspiration. It's corporate-packaged rock at its most sterile.

No Rest For The Wicked just barely stands out from among the blandness by displaying some energy and heart, but otherwise, above-average-but-boring is the best that can be said.


Sully Erna - Vocals
Robbie Merrill - Bass
Tony Rombola - Guitars
Shannon Larkin - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Livin In Sin - 7
2. Speak - 7
3. The Enemy - 7
4. Shine Down - 7
5. Hollow - 7
6. No Rest For The Wicked - 8
7. Bleeding Me - 7
8. Voodoo Too - 7
9. Temptation - 7
10. Mama - 7
11. One Rainy Day - 7

Average: 7.09

Produced by Sully Erna.
Mixed by Andy Johns and Sully Erna.
Engineered by Andy Johns.
Mastered by Dave Schultz.

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