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CD Review: II Pornograffitti, by Extreme (1990)

On II - Pornograffitti, sub-titled "A Funked Up Fairy Tale", Extreme embark on a journey of dance-infused funk metal, with multiple personalities ranging from the pure joy of Decadence Dance to the acoustic ballad of More Than Words.

Get The Funk Out and It('s A Monster), along with Decadence Dance, form a trio of the most danceable high-energy metal featuring exquisite lead guitar work from Nuno Bettencourt. That these three tracks harmoniously co-exist on the same album with More Than Words, likely the softest, most emotive acoustic metal love song, is testament to the ambition of the band.

Throughout the CD Bettencourt flaunts his range both as an ace metal guitarist and as a songwriter. He is ably backed by Gary Cherone, confident but controlled on vocals.

Almost as an afterthought, He Man Woman Hater opens with 100 seconds of some of the purest, most classic metal lead guitar pyrotechnics -- it's one minute and 40 seconds that makes the hair on the back of the neck of metal fans stand on end, all as an intro to another powerful funk metal track.

II - Pornograffiti could have used some trimming, and some of the 13 tracks, while not exactly filler material, do not maintain the same high standard of the stand-out tracks. But when there is so much originality, it is petty to be critical: II - Pornograffiti is filled with a multitude of fresh ideas and experimentation, and to the band's credit, most of it works.


Nuno Bettencourt - Guitar, Keyboards
Gary Cherone - Vocals
Pat Badger - Bass
Paul Geary - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Decadence Dance - 10
2. Li'l Jack Horny - 7
3. When I'm President - 7
4. Get The Funk Out - 9
5. More Than Words - 10
6. Money (In God We Trust) - 7
7. It ('s A Monster) - 10
8. Pornograffitti - 8
9. When I First Kissed You - 7
10. Suzi (Wants Her All Day What?) - 7
11. He Man Woman Hater - 9 *see below*
12. Song For Love - 7
13. Hole Hearted - 7

Average: 8.08

Produced and Mixed by Michael Wagener.
Engineered by Bob St. John.
Mastered by George Marino.

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