Saturday, 29 May 2010

CD Review: Starve For The Devil, by Arsis (2010)

While it's impossible not to admire the technical wizardry displayed by Arsis, it is also impossible to love their music unless melody is deemed irrelevant.

Playing their brand of technical death metal faster, sharper and more accurately than anyone else, Starve For The Devil has boundless energy, stupendous stamina, and maniacal speed.

And yes, every once in a while, a shadow of an interesting melody creeps faintly across the landscape, and the tempo dips ever so slightly towards normalcy; but any such compromises are always quickly chased away by the next blast of pure pyrotechnics. It's almost as if Arsis have decided that they are allergic to any speed other than maximum, and any tune that may be remotely memorable is banished as soon as it emerges.

We are left with a wall of immense sound where every track starts to sound like every other track, none gain any independent personality, and while the power and talent are clearly on display, tunes that reach out to the heart and soul are sadly absent.


James Malone - Guitar, Vocals
Nicholas Cordel - Guitar
Mike Van Dyne - Drums
Nat Crater - Bass

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Forced To Rock - 8
2. A March For The Sick - 7
3. From Soulless To Shattered (Art In Dying) - 6
4. Beyond Forlorn - 8
5. The Ten Of Swords - 6
6. Closer To Cold - 8
7. Sick Perfection - 7
8. Half Past Corpse O'Clock - 7
9. Escape Artist - 7
10. Sable Rising - 7

Average: 7.10

Produced, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Zeuss.

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