Friday, 9 April 2010

CD Review: Spreading The Disease, by Anthrax (1985)

Spreading The Disease puts on display the maniacal high speed thrash and pure fun that is unique to Anthrax. And when it works, it's a joy.

Highlights are CD opener A.I.R. and stand-out track Armed and Dangerous: both combine powerful melodies with an accelerator-is-stuck mentality to great effect. Some thunderous drums from Charles Benante provide the continuous backdrop to The Enemy. Aftershock is pure speed mixed with ridiculous control; while album closer Gung-Ho sums up all that is Anthrax: the chaotic, prolonged ending to the track adds pure madness into a blender of power and humour for an unmistakable signature.

As with most Anthrax albums, there is the usual not insubstantial number of useless tracks. Medusa is particularly irritating; Lone Justice, Madhouse and S.S.C. / Stand of Fall are better, but not by much.

The twin guitar attack of Dan Spitz and Scott Ian combines irresistible speed and power with surprisingly effective restraint. Joe Belladonna's upper pitch vocals are terrific, and Frank Bello's bass combines with Benante's drums to offer solid and prominent support.

Anthrax were never as good as the more illustrious thrash metal bands of the mid-eighties, but they certainly had their moments.


Joe Belladonna - Vocals
Dan Spitz - Guitar
Scott Ian - Guitar
Frank Bello - Bass
Charles Benante - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. A.I.R. - 9
2. Lone Justice - 7
3. Madhouse - 7
4. S.S.C / Stand or Fall - 7
5. The Enemy - 8
6. Aftershock - 8
7. Armed and Dangerous - 10
8. Medusa - 6
9. Gung-Ho - 8

Average: 7.78

Produced by Carl Canedy and Anthrax.
Executive Producer: Jon Zazula.
Engineered by Alex Perialas.

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