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CD Review: Sixteen Stone, by Bush (1994)

The year 1994 probably marked heavy metal's lowest point. It was halfway between grunge placing a bullet in the forehead of metal and the re-birth of the genre as a viable music form with metalcore and melodic death metal starting in the late 1990's.

It was an era when one-word song titles were meant to be profound and distortion masked ineptness.

Wandering in this wilderness were bands like the London-based British quartet Bush, who by virtue of being on the slightly heavier side of alt-whatever, were labeled by some as metal of sorts.

Unfortunately finding success that was fortunately short-lived, Sixteen Stone was Bush's debut and big seller, and it's a good indicator of how bereft of ideas the mid-1990's were.

Bush try hard to sound like they have something relevant to add to Nirvana's angst, but they don't. The more notable tracks like Everything Zen, Little Things and Machinehead offer inoffensive mildly catchy tunes with moderate energy and some crunchy guitar work. The rest of the tracks meld into a background of self-absorbed droning a notch or two, if that, above sad elevator music.

Following the unexpected success of Sixteen Stone, Bush rattled around until the early 2000's, never matching the success of the debut and thankfully without much prominence in metal circles.


Gavin Rossdale - Guitars and Vocals
Dave Parsons - Bass
Nigel Pulsford - Guitar
Robin Goodridge - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Everything Zen - 8
2. Swim - 6
3. Bomb - 6
4. Little Things - 8
5. Comedown - 7
6. Body - 7
7. Machinehead - 8
8. Testosterone - 7
9. Monkey - 6
10. Glycerine - 7
11. Alien - 6
12. X-Girlfriend - N/A (short track)

Average: 6.91

Produced and Mixed by Clive Langer, Alan Winstanley, and Bush.
Mastered by Robert Vosgien.

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