Friday, 16 April 2010

CD Review: Overcome, by All That Remains (2008)

Rather than choosing between the pitbull sound of metalcore or the poodle sound of sappy pop rock, All That Remains try to invent their own genre of sappycore on Overcome.

It's interesting, but it doesn't work very well.

After the reasonable opening duo of Before The Damned and Two Weeks, both sounding dangerously promising, the album gets lost in an undefined landscape where crunchy riffs are mixed with lovey-dovey clean vocals, boring solos and poppy tunes.

It's not awful; it's just not very good, and the songs emerge with a distinct lack of personality. The worst examples, like Forever In Your Hands, Do Not Obey, and title track Overcome have vaguely nauseating choruses.

While there are a few interesting melodies and undoubted energy, none of it is sustained and most of it is torpedoed by attempting to appeal to too many audiences within each song. The end result is most unsatisfying.

It's a pity, because on both Before The Damned and Chiron, All That Remains provide glimpses that they can move into Unearth territory with some honest and melody-infused metal. And when they squarely target a soulful metal ballad such as Believe In Nothing, the results are good. Phil Labonte's growl is solid and the guitar work of Oli Herbert and Mike Martin holds promise.

All That Remains just need to dump the flimsy cheap plastic parts that they too often mix with the genuine metal.


Philip Labonte - Vocals
Oli Herbert - Guitar
Mike Martin - Guitar
Jeanne Sagan - Bass
Jason Costa - Drums

Songlist (ratings out of 10):

1. Before The Damned - 9
2. Two Weeks - 8
3. Undone - 7
4. Forever In Your Hands - 6
5. Chiron - 8
6. Days Without - 7
7. A Song For The Hopeless - 7
8. Do Not Obey - 6
9. Relinquish - 6
10. Overcome - 6
11. Believe In Nothing - 8

Average: 7.09

Produced and Engineered by Jason Suecof.
Mixed by Mark Lewis.
Mastered by Ryan Smith.

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